By: Al Swaney

Photos by: Kelsie Carlson

#1: Be Flexible

This one's huge. When I travel, I try and plan one thing a day. I have a few back-ups, but if you only have one thing you're planning to do a day, you never feel overwhelmed, and if you get to do extra things, it's a bonus.

#2: Do Your Research

Have a list of activities and restaurants on hand, so if you have extra time, you have something to do fast. You don't want to waste time finding something to do when you could be out doing it. 

#3: Ask Locals For Recommendations

While your at a restaurant, ask the waitress her favorite thing to do in the area. You may find cool places that aren't on the internet. 

#4: Stay In Airbnbs'

Airbnbs' save lots of money, and give you the chance to meet new people and hear their favorite spots around town. I personally have only had positive experiences; I always choose hosts with lots of reviews and excellent ratings. 

#5: Grocery Shop

The first thing I like to do when I arrive at my destination is grocery shop. It gives me the chance to eat healthy and eat out less.